Conference Publications
5th Turtle Evolution Symposium
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil | July, 2015

Meeting abstracts

All accepted abstracts will be published in a single abstracts volume. One copy of the abstract volume will be given to each meeting attendee. The abstracts will be published as PeerJ PrePrints and be available for free at the PeerJ site.

The abstracts publication will pass through two rounds of submission:

1) Submit your abstract following instructions provided on Abstract Submission. We will receive the abstract to ensure that it fits meeting standards and PeerJ formatting.
2) After receiving the revised version of the abstract, submit it to PeerJ PrePrints. The abstract will be included in the 5th Turtle Evolution Symposium PeerJ Collection. Please remember to wait for confirmation from the organizing committee to submit your abstract for PeerJ.

Conference Special Publication

The papers of the 5th Turtle Evolution Symposium will be published in PeerJ Collections and authors who want to participate must sign it in the Registration Form. All authors with accepted abstract will be able to submit the complete paper to PeerJ.

Why submit?

- PeerJ is a fast-growing journal with a large audience, which means it would be an excellent venue for biologists and paleontologists.
- PeerJ offers many advantages: open access, very short publication time, no page limit, color figures, additional files in a great variety of formats, and optional open peer-review.
- Abstracts will be published as preprints free of charge and will be stored on a durable server and freely available for anyone.
- Articles will be published as soon as they are accepted, no need to wait for all the articles to be accepted for the conference volume to be published.
- Only those wishing to submit a peer-reviewed article will have to pay a small one-time price ($99 per author) that allows publishing in PeerJ for life.

PeerJ links

- PeerJ Home
- PeerJ Aims and Scope
- PeerJ PrePrints
- PeerJ Collections
- PeerJ Publishing Plans
- PeerJ Author Instructions

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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