Field Trip
5th Turtle Evolution Symposium
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil | July, 2015

Field Trip

The Pirapozinho site, also called "Tartaruguito" (i.e.: turtle in rock), is one of the most important fossil turtle site in South America. This is the type-locality of Bauruemys elegans and has a massive amount of turtle specimens, the reason for the name of the outcrop. Roxochelys wanderleyi specimens has been collected in the site and it is also the type-locality of the crocodile Pepesuchus deiseae.

The site was discovered by José Martins Suárez (fondly nicknamed "Pepe") in 1960's, after the building of a railroad. Nowadays, the railroad is inactivated and the site is inserted on a particular property.

During the field trip, we will visit the site and review current research activities. As Pirapozinho is more than 900 Km away from Rio de Janeiro, the field trip has to take a whole weekend. On the other hand, this is a chance to know Brazilian countryside. Also, we will be able to dig out some specimens (following Brazilian regulations) and bring them to MN/UFRJ, as a continuation of excavation activities in this outcrop.

Please, note that Brazilians laws forbid the collection and sale of fossils. All fossil deposits and specimens are considered as government equity and the collections must be done by research institution personal (i.e.: Universities or Museums staffs) and only for researching/teaching purposes. The field trip will be done after authorization from the regulatory government agency. All collected material is intended for Brazilian' scientific collections of host committee.

- How much? R$700 (~245 USD) (staying in single room) or R$600 (~210 USD) (staying in double room) per person.
- Departs: Friday (July 24th, 2015).
- Returns: Sunday (July 26th, 2015).

This fee grants you accommodation in a hotel, snacks during field activity, and transport from the hotel to the Pirapozinho site. We will stay in Presidente Prudente municipality, which is nearby Pirapozinho site. The distance between Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Presidente Prudente (SP) is around 990Km (a trip of about 15 hours by bus). The field trip registration fee include the bus trip back and forth to Rio de Janeiro. Those who prefer to go by plane should buy the tickets on their own. We will gladly help the foreigners to purchase airline tickets. Field trip will depend on a minimum number of attendances.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Check some photos from our last field works on Tartaruguito outcrop.

Eight cf. Bauruemys shells inserted in sedimentary rock in "Tartaruguito" site (Photo by Gustavo Oliveira, April, 2012).

Preparing block, part 1. From right to left: Thiago Mariani, Fernanda Deantoni, Bárbara Maciel, Pedro Romano (Photo by Orlando Grillo, April, 2012).

Preparing block, part 2. Gustavo Oliveira (top) and Pedro Romano (bottom) (Photo by Orlando Grillo, April, 2012).

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Image on the right: Bauruemys elegans shell inserted in sedimentary rock (Photo by Orlando Grillo).