Abstract Submission
5th Turtle Evolution Symposium
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil | July, 2015

Abstract Submission

The abstracts to the 5th Turtle Evolution Symposium must be submitted up to March 31th, 2015. All abstracts must be written in English.

To submit your abstract please follow the instructions:

1) Make sure that you have made your registration and received the confirmation email;
2) Download the RTF template;
3) Fill the RTF file respecting the limit of 500 words (formatting information within the document);
4) Name your file as "surname-type of presentation" (e.g.: "romano-oral.rtf");
5) Submit your abstract by email to turtle.symp.2015@gmail.com.
6) Wait for our confirmation email.
7) After they complete the revisions requested by the organizers/reviewers, the authors will be invited to submit the abstract to PeerJ.

The abstracts of the 5th Turtle Evolution Symposium will be published as PeerJ PrePrints (as well as in a PeerJ Collection) and in addition, any complete papers which result from the symposium may be submitted to PeerJ, in which event (assuming they are accepted by PeerJ) they will also be included in the PeerJ Collection.

Click here for further information about the Conference Publications.

General information

- The subject of the work should focus on some aspect of evolution of turtles.
- The abstracts must present original research. Partial results are acceptable, bibliographic revisions not. We will use peer review to judge acceptance.
- Only one abstract will be accepted per person as senior (i.e.: first) author for oral presentation.
- Only confirmed registration (i.e.: paid) will be considered for publication.
- Avoid the use of bibliographic references in the text. If necessary, include the reference inside the text (brackets and simplified).
- Figures and tables are not acceptable.
- Please, remember to inform your preference for oral or poster presentation when you submit your abstract by email.
- Symposium organizers are given the right to make the final decision about acceptance and the type of presentation.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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